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The fact that vitamin B3 can lighten your skin led to thorough research towards safe skin lightening treatments which influenced the creation of fair & lovely which aims to provide a 100% safe skin lightening treatment to everyone. Fair & lovely Pakistan has evolved with time and now they have a complete range of products which provide your skin with a tremendous experience. Their entire product list can be found at


Fair & Lovely Cleansing Products & Their Prices in Pakistan

Advanced Multivitamin Fairness Face wash Price Online in Pakistan: Fair&Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Fairness Face comes with the new VitaGlow formula which cleanses your skin within the deep layers and provide you with an instantly with a smooth and fresh skin. This face wash exfoliates your skin deep down, removing dirt and dead cells off your skin, revealing fresh skin in just 1 wash.

Pimple off Face Wash Price in Pakistan: People with severe acne problems are always conscious about their skin and want to get rid of those annoying zits. Fair and lovely’s pimple off face wash is designed especially for the acne prone skin, cleansing into the deeper layers and making the skin look and feel better.


Fair and Lovely Daily Treatment Products & Their Prices in Pakistan

Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream Price in Pakistan: People opt for laser treatments when they want to get fresh, soft, smooth and fair skin. However, you can save up all those thousands of rupees and go for fair and lovely’s multivitamin cream. Because fair and lovely promises to provide a laser light treatment like experience to your skin with its best formula that brighten your dark spots and gives you radiant fairness.


Winter Fairness Cream Price in Pakistan: Winters brings along dryness and dull skin and with the constant use of cold creams, your skin starts to look greasy all the time. But with fair & lovely’s winter fairness cream you can have a glowing skin all year long. With the help of multi vitamins and essential moisturizers, fair and lovely locks in the glow of your skin, providing sun protection as well keeping your skin soft and radiant all the time.


Fair and Lovely Enhanced fairness products & Their Prices in Pakistan

Fair & Lovely BB cream Price in Pakistan: Instant skin brightening without putting on heavy makeup can be achieved using Fair & Lovely BB Cream. BB Cream provides the functionality of both, sunblock and foundation, giving you a matte, non-greasy makeup look only after slight application.


Fair and Lovely Men’s solution products & their Prices in Pakistan:

It is a known fact that men’s skin is exposed is much more environmental damages. Therefore, their skin needs extra care and pampering. Fair & lovely solves this problem by introducing its men’s solution range, providing expert care to their skin and making it look fresh all day long.


Max Fairness Multi-Expert Cream Price in Pakistan: The multi-expert skin play like an expert on all the fields. It helps to brighten your skin, provide triple sunscreens protection, fading dark spots and providing a fresh and oil free look to your face naturally.


Max Fairness Face Wash Price in Pakistan: The face wash exfoliates your skin to deeper layers, removing dirt and dead cells, revealing soft and smooth skin making your face look fresher over all

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