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Shop the Best Epilators at Affordable Prices

Instead of going to salons or parlors to get your hair waxed, save up the cost and do it yourself at home comfortably with the latest epilators, Goto Pakistan offers you at amazing prices. Epilators are the best way to remove the body or facial hair. They pluck hair from roots and leave back a smooth, silky skin. Razors can be harmful especially to the ones who have a sensitive skin. Razors have sharp blades that commonly cause cuts and rashes that can irritate your skin. It can leave a dark patch on your skin and let the hair grow in different directions. Switch to epilators that have high performing bristles that wipe out hair from every corner or curve of your body. They are less painful as compare to other hair removal treatments. Epilation is possible on wet and dry bodies. They efficiently, user-friendly and quickly clear out a large area of your body.

Goto offers you the best epilators of top brands i.e. Braun, Gemei, Kemei, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, Touch Beauty, Nikai and many others. Our latest epilator collection comes with competent trimming combs, shaping heads with protection caps, cleaning brushes to dust off hair from the epilator’s bristles and a durable pouch with multiple pockets to store your epilator and other accessories if you’re on the go or at home. Some epilator manufacturing companies pack an extra battery, whereas, some offer rechargeable epilators that can be easily inserted in your domestic sockets and charge speedily. Avail special discounts and shop them now from our online store in Pakistan.


Shop the Best Trimmers at Affordable Prices

Fashion trends change every season. But well-kept beards or clean shave looks never go out. These looks may vary from person to person. Some men seem more attractive with a sleeker, cleaner and a minimal look, whereas, some men grab attention with the heavy hair coating on their cheeks and chin. But to be on the “eye candy men” list, it is necessary to take care of your beard with the best grooming accessories, Goto Pakistan has for you at reasonable prices.

Your overgrown facial hair journey needs a stop. Heavy stubbles or bushy beards may look attractive but that too needs to be maintained and for that, we offer you the best trimmers that work efficiently, have a long battery life and are very user-friendly. These trimmers can be used for hair, beard, ears, nose, and body. Our trimming sets or trimming kits includes grooming tools such as trimming combs, shaping heads with protection caps, and cleaning brushes to dust off hair from your machine. Our trimming kits also include massagers that rotate on your skin, massage your pressure points and allow a smooth blood circulation. A trimmer can cut the hair at the skin level with no cuts or rashes. They create less mess as compare to other hair removal treatments and proficiently remove unwanted hair while leaving your skin velvety-looking. Some branded trimmer manufactures pack an extra battery with their trimmers and a pouch that can store your trimmer and its relevant accessories safely. We also offer rechargeable trimmers that can be easily plugged in domestic sockets. Achieve the most attractive stubble looks, short beards, long beards, precision trimmings, contour edgings, nose and ear trimmings, hair clippings, body grooming and clean shaving with the best trimmer collection stocked on our online store. Style out this season with trimmers of top-notch brands i.e. Braun, Gemei, Kemei, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, Nikai and many others.


Shop the Best Shavers at Affordable Prices

Rise and shine! Freshen up your face by shaving off unwanted facial hair that makes you look shaggy. Shave anywhere, at any time with the straight lined blades. Goto Pakistan has recently launched the best male grooming accessories that include the best shavers at reasonable prices. We get up late in the morning and then realize that we forgot to shave last night. We panic, we stress out. Doesn’t this happen usually? But not now. Goto Online store has your back. Shave off extra hair in a jiffy with less pain, cuts and skin rashes. Ace all your special occasions with a clean-shaved look. Get success in all your job interviews, office meetings or presentations. Create a classy impression with the best shavers we have for you.

Shaving glows and brightens up your skin instantly by removing the dull thin layer of hair, oil, dirt and dead cells. A good razor with perfect shaving kit can make your skin feel smooth and baby soft. It is easy and less costly to do as compared to other hair removal treatments. You can comfortably do it at home. Another key feature of our branded shavers is that is portable in size and light in weight. Hence, you can firmly grab them in your hands. To achieve a more appealing face look, you can apply foams or gels to easily shave hair. Filter your searches and shop according to the brands you rely on i.e. on Braun, Gemei, Kemei, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, Touch Beauty, Nikai and many others.

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