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Dettol is every family’s choice when it comes to a buy anti-bacterial product. Their products are good for all skin types and few have scented formulas which nourish your skin proficiently.
Their most popular product; Dettol surface cleaners, Dettol scented trigger sprays or Dettol air fresheners are nature-inspired freshly scented that leave a pleasant atmosphere as compared to other local brands. They have antiseptic washes and sanitizer wipes that can be used on stainless surfaces, glazed ceramic tiles, and clean white grouting on the floors along with making your room into a hygienic environment for your family. Moreover, they have a dynamic range in scented and Dettol original hand washes, laundry cleaners, and sanitizers to keep your clothes and body 100% germ-free. Don’t make you household equipments or makeup brushes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. New moms and crawling babies are most likely to catch infections; therefore, using Dettol is your keen responsibility if you want a healthy lifestyle. All of these products are available on Goto online store in Pakistan at affordable prices.

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