Dawlance Online in Pakistan at Goto

We at Goto value quality and performance above all else, but we also want to provide you with affordable rates. That is why we offer you Dawlance, one of the most trusted and economical home appliances brands in Pakistan. You can find all Dawlance products right here at our official Dawlance online store with product details, so you can best judge which refrigerator, AC, or washing machine is right for you. Start browsing now to take advantage of discounts and more.


Dawlance Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

Browse our collection for the best Dawlance refrigerator price in Pakistan. We are all about cutting edge technology and style, so our product range includes LVS fridges, Monogram fridges, Dawlance Mono, H-Zone Plus, MDS, LVS Plus, Mirror Glass Doors and more. If you’re looking for luxury and comfort, try the Dawlance Double French Door Refrigerator or our bedroom series for fridges. We also hold the Dawlance Signature Series and Dawlance Reflection Series, both well suited for larger kitchens. Last but not least, if you want to help the environment, we have eco-friendly fridges in the Dawlance Energy Saver Plus series.


Dawlance Freezers Price in Pakistan

To go along with your Dawlance fridge, we also offer a wide variety of Dawlance freezers, ranging from single door, double door, glass door, vertical freezers, and convertible vertical freezers. Both Dawlance fridges and freezers are reliable and guaranteed to keep your food items at the proper temperature, with antifreeze features and different temperature settings.


Dawlance Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Are you happy with your current water dispenser? Or is it causing you a hassle by leaking or just not working efficiently? At Goto, we offer a wide variety of sizes for different Dawlance water dispensers.


Dawlance Ovens’ Prices in Pakistan

If you are looking for microwave ovens in Pakistan or built-in ovens, available to you are the Dawlance classic series, cooking series, baking series, and air fryer series of ovens. We cater to kitchens of all sizes, so no need to worry about our high-quality ovens not fitting your home. Choose which Dawlance oven or microwave is right for you.


Dawlance Cooking Ranges’ Prices in Pakistan

We offer different types of cooking ranges including hoods and Dawlance 3 burner and 5 burner ranges. Whether you cook for a lot of people or have a small family, we have the right Dawlance cooking range for you.


Dawlance Air Conditioners’ Price in Pakistan

Living in Pakistan, the AC is probably the most essential and most used appliance in your house, especially during the heat wave. For your very necessary comfort and ease, you can choose amongst different Dawlance air conditioners such as floor standing ACs, energy saver ACs, the Inverter Series, LVS, Active Cool Inverter, conditioners, and many more. We also have available the latest Dawlance Inspire Plus Inverter.


Dawlance Small Appliances Price in Pakistan

For Dawlance kitchen appliances used in cooking and baking, we offer Dawlance food processors, blenders, fruit juicers, citrus juicers, toasters, sandwich makers, and electric kettles.


Dawlance Fabric Care Products in Pakistan

For tender care of your clothes and other fabrics, we have:


Dawlance Washing Machine Prices in Pakistan

Our category of washing machines includes the Dawlance Single Tub washing machine and Dawlance Semiautomatic Twin Tub washer. We also offer different Dawlance spinners, front loaders, and fully automatic Dawlance washing machines.


Dawlance Ironing Price in Pakistan

We offer the original Dawlance steam iron to ensure that your clothes stay creaseless and wrinkle-free.


Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

We offer you both traditional Dawlance vacuum cleaners of the DWV series. Make sure your carpeting and rugs are spotless and free of dust with the Dawlance vacuum cleaner today.

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