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Darussalam Publishers Online in Pakistan on Goto

We at Goto introduce our Official Darussalam Online Store in Pakistan. Darussalam is a publishing brand and seller of Islamic products, catering to the need of the people of Pakistan. It is an international leader in the sector of Islamic Publication, since its establishment in 1986 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Darussalam exports Islamic books and digital devices to over 25 countries.

At Goto, you can find Darussalam books for Islamic studies, biographies, and translations in Urdu, English, and Arabic. On our Darussalam online shop, you can easily order all the Darussalam products you need, hassle-free, whether it’s educational materials for kids or Islamic devices. Even Islamic clothing items like scarves, hijabs, and Ihram are made by Darussalam and available on Goto. Give your kids the right education, an Islamic environment at home, and discover the works of renowned Pakistani scholars with Darussalam online on Goto.


Darussalam Book Prices in Pakistan- Educational Books, Biographies & Islamic Studies

Darussalam is an authorized publisher and distributer of Islamic books, biographies, and Islamic educational books for children. If you are looking for the translation of the Quran, a Hadith book, or any other book in Arabic, you can find the English or Urdu version right here on Goto’s Darussalam online store. Our range of Darussalam publications includes Darussalam biography books, Darussalam children books, Darussalam education books, Darussalam hadith books, health books, Darussalam Islamic law books, general books in Urdu, Islamic magazines, reference books, Darussalam Islamic Studies books, Tafseer books, and Darussalam English books.

Why not read about the lives of the prophets and his disciples to your children as bedtime stories at night? There are Darussalam books about Islamic stories specially written for the easy understanding of youngsters. Also available are Hajj and Umrah books and guides for your preparation and knowledge. You can find prayer and supplication books by Darussalam that are pocket size so you can easily read while on the go. Discover the lives of highly esteemed figures of past, women in Islam, and more with Darussalam biographies. In our range of Darussalam Urdu books, you will find a vast treasure trove of wholesome historical knowledge and Islamic education. Read translations of older books by eminent authors in Urdu.


Darussalam Islamic Products Prices in Pakistan- For Home & Travel

If you are going for Hajj, Umrah, or traveling in general, we at Goto aim to provide you with all Darussalam Islamic products and travel accessories. Our range includes Ihrams, Miswaks, Tasbeehs, Darussalam supplication books, automatic Tasbeeh devices, Darussalam prayer mats, prayer rugs, and other Darussalam travel supplicatory items. If you are a male who is looking for specific Darussalam Hajj and Umrah wear, available are authentic Darussalam Ahram towels and Darussalam Ahram Belts.

You know what could make the perfect gift or accent for the home? Darussalam products like children’s prayer rugs, Islamic art portraits, Tasbeehs, Ajwah dates, Ajwah pastes, and original Darussalam almond oil. Leave out some lovely Ajwah dates in a glass bowl for your guests or make everyone a gift basket this Ramadan with Darussalam products.


Darussalam Islamic Devices Price in Pakistan

These days, moms and dads no longer have the time to sit down with their kids and teach them the fundamentals of the Quran. With work and household responsibilities, there never seems to be a good time. Tutors are sometimes expensive or insufficient in teaching your child religious education. A good and fun way to get your child learning about Islam and the Quran is by buying a Darussalam Islamic device. How about an out loud Quran reader? Also check out the Darussalam LED Speaker Quran and other Darussalam audio devices to play in your home on Fridays, or any time really. We at Goto also offer the Darussalam Pen Quran which lets you read Quran on the go, day or night. Shop for the best Darussalam devices online in Pakistan at reasonable prices from Goto.

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