Buy Coopex Anti Lice Lotion Online in Pakistan

Coopex is a brand belongs to personal care department but specializes only in the product offering of Coopex anti lice lotion. Lice is and always has been a major hair care concern and no matter how good you are at taking care of your hair, if it’s meant to be, you will get lice infestation and go through a horrible experience. Lice has nothing to do with cleanliness of hair and develop regardless of hygiene factors. This is also to be mentioned that lice infestation is completely normal and common and not something bizarre to be embarrassed about. Although its’ said easy to wear your confidence, but we understand its actually very tough to keep up with social pressures and excessive hair care.

Lice are said to be intelligent insects which know many tricks to self-defense; which is one of the reasons why lice treatments are costly and most of them hardly ever work.

If you are here looking for powerful and effective anti-lice solutions, Coopex brings you an effective solution which is known as Coopex anti lice lotion. This is a liquid product that needs to be applied on the scalp after which the scalp needs to be covered with a tight plastic or cloth cap to barrier lice breathing.

The ingredients of Coopex anti lice lotion are especially formulated to inhibit lice breathing with chemicals and pungent smells. Coopex works better when applied on freshly washed hair after which it needs to be rinsed out from hair. The lice will either fall in shower or you have to comb them out, preferably, with a fine metal bristled comb.

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