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Nothing to Hide

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. Your hair is exposed to the most environmental hazards. They face the scorching beams of the sun, the hardships of winds, the dust flying all around you and even the damages that simple styling causes. This is why they deserve the most care and attention. Bad hair results in a bad overall look, and it isn’t even a wise decision to style them every day just to look good. But you know what is even worse than bad hair? Unhealthy hair and scalp. Defining the natural texture of your hair isn’t a choice that is made by you, but maintaining the health and hygiene of your hair is totally your responsibility.

Your hair offers you with confidence and assurance. You can easily flaunt and feel confident about yourself on a good hair day. With no scalp problems, you literally have nothing to hide. To provide you with a perfectly hygienic scalp that would automatically result in the growth of healthy hair, Clear Pakistan is there for your help.

Confidence is not the only thing. But in many situations, it can be everything. Clear gives you the confidence to put yourself out in the world with confidence. Clear has helped its users all around the world to get rid of all the scalp problems so that they have nothing to hide. Nourish away your hair from root to tip with the best Clear shampoos which work on the scalp and solves away all the snags that are causing all the hair problems.

Dandruff is the first symbol of an unhealthy scalp. Clear specializes in fighting with this stubborn problem and has a specially formulized solution which would help you to fight with this mighty beast effectively. Notice prominent results from the very first wash and smear away dandruff and all the rest of hair problems with every wash.

Clear knows that men and women have scalps of totally different textures and this is why Clear has tailored different ranges of shampoos for both of them to meet up with their separate needs customized in a way that would nourish up their hair from scalp to ends.


Clear for WOMEN, Price in Pakistan

Women are more conscious when it comes to hair. Women hair are prone to much more styling and heat than men, which is why their hairs are much more exposed to damage. The use of different kinds of products not only harm their hair on the outside but weakens them from inside as well, making the scalp absorb more and more perils and becoming unhygienic.

Clear aims to prevent your hair from all the damages and nourish them from the inside out. Achieve flawless hair with zero dandruff with the perfect Clear shampoo range that includes Ice Cool Menthol Shampoo, Dry & Damaged Repair Shampoo, Anti Hair fall Shampoo, and Soft & Shiny Shampoo. Each of which is linked to solving a particular hair care problem, while keeping the goal of zero dandruff and healthy scalp as its foundation.


Clear for MEN, Price in Pakistan

Clear has done a thorough research to analyze the texture and needs of the male scalp and reaches to the conclusion that makes scalps have more sebum which makes their scalp oilier and exposed to dandruff.

But with Clear, this isn’t a problem anymore. Clear Men has a top-notch variety of anti-dandruff shampoos which include Cool Black Shine Shampoo, Cool Sports Menthol Shampoo, and Hairfall Defense Shampoo which not only clears up excessive oil and sebum from their scalp but also nurtures your hair and make them healthy from inside and out. Say goodbye to visible dandruff flakes, grease buildup, and unhealthy scalp and get ready to slay all day long.

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