Buy Citizen Medical Supplies & Citizen Products Online in Pakistan from Goto

We at Goto introduce to you our Citizen Official Online Store in Pakistan. Citizen is an international manufacturer and distributor of calculators and health and medical equipment. When it comes to measuring and crunching out numbers, Citizen devices are the right choice. Whether you need to measure your blood pressure, keep track of your blood sugar levels, or need to sum some numbers, we have the right Citizen product for you.


Citizen Calculator Prices in Pakistan

We at Goto aim to provide you with all stationary solutions with our vast range of Citizen calculators. Find everything from compact pocket calculators that are simple, to high-tech, sophisticated calculator models. Our range of different models includes Citizen Design Line Calculators, Citizen Eco Line Calculators, Citizen Business Line Calculators, Pro Line Calculators, and Citizen Color Line Calculators. Within each series, you can find Citizen pocket calculators, school calculators, Citizen scientific calculators, and graphic calculators. Citizen calculators from the Eco Line series are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Wondering what are the best calculators to buy? Currently trending in the office supply market are the Citizen CT 512 calculator, the Citizen CT-555N, the Citizen CT500, CT912, and CT99011 calculator. Also available are Citizen calculator batteries for replacement. Check out our Citizen calculator price list on Goto to find the model that fits your budget.


Citizen Medical Equipment Prices in Pakistan

When you have a diabetic patient or a family member suffering from hypertension, it is important to have the right medical and health equipment at home. We at Goto offer you all Citizen medical equipment for measuring high and low blood pressure, and other solutions for health related issues. Shop for the Citizen Blood Pressure Monitor CH-650, available on Goto for an affordable price. Also available are Citizen BP Operators and upper arm blood pressure monitors. All Citizen products for health take up little volume, so you can store them easily in your medical cabinet or bedside table. They are also highly portable so you can take them with you on the go. Keep a spare Citizen monitor in your car. In case of an emergency, you will always have the necessary tools available.

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