Tired of finding your TV remote whenever you want to watch? Want more in less and have better features in your TV? Problem solved. Google has brought this new technology through a device that when you connect it to your TV through HDMI, lets your phone act as a remote.


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Chromecast helps you to stream online millions of channels which else can only be accessible on phone or PC. Now you can use your device without worrying about battery drain.

The chromecast encompass 2 types;

Regular Chromecast has the tendency to broadcast content upto 1080p

Chromecast Ultra can broadcast content at up to 4k resolution with HDR color technology.

However, all the rest of the features and functionality are identical of both of them.



All you need is a TV with HDMI port and Wi-Fi connection for the chromecast to work.

What’s in the Box?

ChromeCast comes with a power cable and power adapter which helps you to connect.

Supported Operating Systems

Android versions higher than 4.2,

iOS 9.1 and higher,

Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Windows 7 and higher

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