Over time, Changhong has become a popular and reliable brand of Pakistan, providing the best electronic appliances which are committed to provide excellent functionality along with durability.

Changhong Ruba LED TV Price in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Laser 3D TV Price in Pakistan: It has always been the dream to be into the scenes that you’re watching on TV. Laser 3D TV, changhong takes you TV watching experience to another level. With 100” Ultra large laser screen and 2D to 3D conversion, it provides a real feel as if you are living the situations. Coming with a 2-3m long display yet being less than 8.6mm in thickness and encapsulating 5.1 sound effect with 10inch subwoofer and 3D stereo, Chanhong ruba redefines your TV concepts.

Changhong Ruba UHD Smart TV Price in Pakistan: With a display screen of around 65”, Quad core CPU (64 bits CPU) and an Android Smart TV (6.0 Marshmallow), UHD Smart TV is a complete package which will provide with the best experience. With 4k-UHD resolution and powerful audio system have cinema like experience at home. The 4 models of this series are D49F6300L49" 4K-UHD (Digital Tuner & MHL), UD75F6308i75" 4K-UHD (2K*4K), UD65F6300i65"4K-UHD (2K*4K) and UD55F6800i55"4K-UHD Smart TV (Dual Tuner)

Changhong Ruba Digital Smart TV Price in Pakistan: This Digital Smart TV (Android 4.4 ) comes with a display of 49” and full HD resolution, featuring Quad Core Pus & CHANGHONG App Store, provides you with the finest audio and visual experience. The Digital Smart TV includes the following models; LED40F5808i 40"ISMART TV, LED32F3600 32" Standard LED Model, LED49F5808i 49"Digital Smart TV (IPS Panel), UD49F6300L 49" 4K-UHD and much others.

Changhong Ruba AC Price in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba 1 Ton (12000 BTUs) Price in Pakistan: With features like powerful compressor, turbo cooling, golden fin evaporator and condenser with eco-friendly refrigerant, CSC-12QDH Split AC works excellently up to 50 degrees cooling up the entire room quickly.

Changhong Ruba 1.5 Ton (18000 BTUs) Price in Pakistan: This smart series includes regular and inverter ACs. The regular ACs providing instant cooling and high energy saving up to 60%. But this series also has the amazing machine which not only provides with the functionality of AC, but with T3 DC Inverter, low voltage startup of 150V and Wi-Fi smart control, this is just the right equipment for your home, redefining the standards of comfort and style.

Changhong Ruba Inverter Series Price in Pakistan: This range of eco friendly ACs provides low voltage startup, 3 in 1 filter, Full DC Inverter, soft start zero current impact and ecofriendly refrigerator-R410A gas.

Changhong Ruba Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Direct Cool (Double Door Series) Price in Pakistan: Experience quick and amazing cooling with a super wide vegetable and fruit crisper, keeping your food fresh for a long time, with the Direct Cool series of Changhong Pakistan. It provides turbo cooling plus with intelligent control and adjustable temperature by mechanical control. The 3D Heat dissipation technology with T climate class design makes this refrigerator ecofriendly.

Changhong Ruba Frost Free (4 Door Series) Price in Pakistan: This series is the ultimate solution to the major refrigerator problem; frost burn. Along with its frost free cooling system, adjustable temperature and intelligent functionality, Frost free series come interior LED lights, LED display and smart luxury door panels, becoming a smart and stylish choice for your home.

Changhong Ruba DC Inverter Smart Refrigerator Price in Pakistan: Get smart with the changhong ruba DC inverter smart refrigerators. The smart 4D DC inverter Ref has a European Standard A energy saving, saving up to 70% energy with a super wide voltage working of (120V to 280V) provides the fastest cooling along with life time warranty.

Changhong Ruba Fastest Cooling Series Price in Pakistan: With open evaporator for 5ways and 3sides condenser, the fastest cooling series keeps freeze up to 137 hours. This is an absolute choice as it helps to keep the food fresher for long with low electricity consumption.

Changhong Ruba Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Water Dispenser: In this hot weather, this appliance is a blessing in disguise. Coming with a double condenser, stylish design with electricity shock proof and stainless body with refrigerator compartment, and classy knobs, the changhong ruba provides you with the best quality.

Changhong Ruba Power Banks Price in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Power Banks: Carry along the power where ever you go. Changhong ruba provides power banks with varying capacity (mAh) which provides compatibility with mobile phones, digital cameras, wingle and all other digital devices.

Sound System

Changhong Ruba Sound System: Give you monotonous life an upbeat with Changhong Ruba Sound Systems. With features like USB Connectivity, FM Tuner, AUX-In, Bluetooth, High Bass and many others, these sound systems provide you with the best sound experience, helping you to enjoy each and every node.

Changhong Ruba Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Microwave Oven: Providing all the functionalities of a microwave along with grill cooking and auto defrost, Changhong Ruba Microwave Ovens come with brand warranty and child safety lock making your cooking experience more convenient.