Check out C-tees for Men and Women Collection on Goto

Are you looking out for some “Fries before guys”, “I am the BOSS” or “Keep Calm” quoted shirts? Here you go. Let’s get crazy with these high definition C-tees graphic printed shirts that are now available on Goto at discounted prices in Pakistan. C-tee is a Pakistani clothing brand that designs T-shirts and footwear for males and females.

C-tees round necked T-shirts, hoodies and tanks have patterns, images and other prints related to different themes. You can shop according to the themes for example; patriotic, names or images of superheroes, national heroes and political figures, animal lovers, for a cause, artistic, food, sports, holiday mood, and hipster style, adventure, festivals, romantic, sporty or gym, funny quotes and other trending collections are now available on Goto at reduced prices. All C-tee shirts are made out of pure soft cotton and polyester fabric. They are excellently sewn and absorb sweat efficiently. Filter your searches according to the size (XS, S, M, L, and XL) you wear or the color you love most. Their shirts are available in bright yellows, reds, blues, oranges, pinks and other basic colors i.e. whites and blacks.

Express a personal sense of style. C-tees also sell stylish key chains of popular superheroes and football clubs. C-tees shirts make their own style statement as soon as you wear them and step out. They are durable, reliable and above all, affordable to buy. So what are you waiting for? This limited edition will not be available later, get yours now!


C-tees Male Footwear Collection on Goto

C-tees have also launched male footwear including digger boats and sneakers. Their shoes are designed with a high quality upper and lower sole. They have lace-up closures for a perfect fitting, matte or patterned upper for modish looks. The padded foam inside ensures a comfortable walk all day long. The rubber sole provides you with a firm grip. Check them out in trendy colors ranging from blues, blacks, browns, greens, and others. Goto online store ships your order as soon as possible.

These totally awesome T-shirts and shoes are waiting for you, so grab them now!

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