Buy BOSS Home Appliance Online in Pakistan

BOSS home appliances is the brand established by KOHINOOR INDUSTRIES. This brand has been operating since 26 years and specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of various BOSS home appliances which have now captured the international market too. The BOSS home appliances offering include BOSS Air-coolers, washing machines, microwaves, electronic irons, water dispenser and instant geysers. You can buy all the product offerings of this brand from with best prices.


BOSS Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

BOSS home appliances is the leading producer of air coolers in Pakistan. The air cooler range of boss comprises of various types of air cooler models including ECM and ECTR such as BOSS Air Cooler ECTR-7000, Air Cooler ECM-7000, Air Cooler ECM-6000, Air Cooler ECM-10000, Air Cooler ECTR-10000, Air Cooler ECM-7000-Solar, Air Cooler ECTR-6000 and Air Cooler ECM-6000-Solar. The price of these products ranges from Rs.14000-21000.


BOSS Washing Machines Price in Pakistan

BOSS home appliances offers various types of latest BOSS washing machines including spinner machines, single tub washing machines, twin tub washing machines and fully automatic washing machines etc.


BOSS Spinner Washing Machines Price in Pakistan

These machines come with various models including Spin Dryer KE-400-S , KE-400 , KE-2000, KE-2000-S, KE-555-C, KE-5000, KE-5000-BS, KE-5500 etc. The price range of these products extends form Rs.8000-12000.


BOSS Single tub Washing Machines Price in Pakistan

These are machines that come with only one tub and do not have a dryer. They are reliable as well as are not too heavy on your budget. This is the item for a household that does not have a lot of business with washing clothes and therefore single tub machines will do. BOSS offers various sophisticated models of single tub washing machines including KE-1500 to KE-4500 models. The price range of this product offering ranges from Rs.10000-12000.


BOSS Twin Tub Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

BOSS Twin tub washing machines are latest technology, heavy duty and large capacity washing machines that can take care of whole laundry of your household for you. These large capacity washing machines despite their excellent performance and technology are very affordable and reliable. The product offering includes models from KE-8000 to KE 14000, available in grey and white colors. The price of these offerings ranges from Rs.15000-21000.


BOSS Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

BOSS offers the most reliable and affordable products all over Pakistani but it has not lost the touch of fully technology optimized products. Foreseeing the rising demands of fully automatic washing machines BOSS has come up with BOSS fully automatic washing machines. There are two latest models KE-AWT-7100 and KE-AWT-8100. The prices range from PKR 30 thousand to 35 thousand.


BOSS Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

BOSS also offers Electronic water dispensers for your hydration needs. The offering includes highly sophisticated and elegant range of water dispensers in white and black colored bodies. The models include KE-WD- 103, 104 and 105 with the price range of Rs.12000-14000.


BOSS Instant Geysers Price in Pakistan

The BOSS instant geysers are a wonderful solution for your cozy water supply needs. They offer two types of instant geysers: Gas instant geysers and Electric instant geysers that come with various types, from very elegant and sophisticated to easy to use ones in circular or rectangular shapes with various models. The price ranges from Rs.7600-10500. Buy them today online in Pakistan from Goto.


BOSS Microwave Ovens Price in Pakistan

BOSS also offers its unique range of BOSS microwave ovens with latest technology. The color of bodies varies from white to gray and black. The price of these ovens ranges from Rs.12000-14000.


BOSS Electric Irons Price in Pakistan

BOSS also offers electric irons for your household or commercial ironing needs. The BOSS electric irons are proved to be long lasting and highly reliable with best prices as compared to their quality and technology. There offering of electric irons, includes 4 irons with different designs and workings. The price ranges from Rs.1600-2300.


BOSS Kitchen Appliances Price in Pakistan

BOSS has not forgotten about your kitchen needs therefore it also offers a huge collection of BOSS kitchen appliances which includes all kitchen appliances from BOSS blender, coffee maker, egg boiler, electric kettle, sandwich maker toaster to food processors and juicers. The prices vary from item to item.

Buy all above listed items manufactured by BOSS form for best prices online in Pakistan to gratify all of your appliance needs.

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