At times it’s difficult to choose the right luggage for your travel trip. To help you decide the best luggage Goto offers Al Burhan Luggage collection. Along with Al Burhan Luggage, they have other brands i.e. Lojel, Crown, Travel Light, Echolac, and Roncato.


Al Burhan Luggage suitcases in Pakistan

Instead of buying ample bags to store your clothes, Al Burhan Luggage has spacious suitcases with multiple sections and pockets to keep your belongings organized. Their 26’’ and 30’’ inches suitcases are designed with long-lasting hard plastic shells in grey and black color, solid plastic handles for a firm grip and secure combination lock to keep your belongings safe from intruders.


Al Burhan Luggage Business Briefcases in Pakistan

For our male workers, Al Burhan Luggage has designed business briefcases and office file bags in large capacity to store all your important documents safely and light in weight making it easy to carry to the office every day. They also have user-friendly combination locks and key locking features. Al Burhan briefcases and file bags are made out of good quality leather.


Al Burhan Luggage Backpacks in Pakistan

Al Burhan Luggage has backpacks in all styles, shapes, and colors. Hiking bags, trolley bags and school bags for kids are designed with compartments that can accommodate a laptop or a tablet easily. Softly padded shoulder straps letting your shoulders feel light, water bottle pockets on both sides, soft zippers, headphone jack and small pockets to store your small belongings. All Al Burhan Luggage backpacks are made out of Nylon fabric that is water resistant.


Al Burhan Luggage Travel Accessories in Pakistan

Al Burhan Luggage also provides travel accessories such as comfortable neck pillows, toiletry utility bags, and Al Burhan adjustable luggage waist belts with combination locks, sling pouches, spacious camera bags, vanity beauty boxes for females and shaving accessory pouch for males.

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